In the highly competitive and professional environments, projecting a powerful Image is a key aspect for achieving success. Whether in the Corporate sector, the field of Education or in Social work, the Image we project becomes representative of us. Our overall disposition is central to the projection of an Image. This includes our body language, posture, gait, choice of words, etiquettes, mannerisms, hand-shake, and so on. They all constitute an image which represents who we are, what we seek, what we are capable of, and what we aspire to do.

More often than not, the projection of a ‘right’ and ‘powerful’ image can lead to the closure of a deal, a promotion, securing a project, receiving admission in an educational institution, etcetera. It determines success and may be used to achieve several ends. Besides this External Image, one must also attend to an Internal Self-image and Self Esteem which assists in the projection of the ‘right’ Image. 

The ideal way to embody such an Image is by receiving the guidance of professionally-trained Image Consultants who can identify individual needs and requirements. Xcellence Coaching offers high-quality services in this area by pairing individuals or groups with qualified and acredited professional Image Consultants.

Xcellence Coaching has exclusive collaboration with Image Consulting Business Institute, the only one of its kind Institute in the world, which trains Image Consultants all over India. Led and coached by Ms. Suman Agarwal, the seniormost and the first Image Consultant in the Indian subcontinent, the Image Consultants of ICBI provide a personalized solution to building and projecting the right Image which is empowering and goes with the true persona of an individual.