One Day Group Life Coaching Module;

1.There are few variants possible in this:

a. An 8 hour workshop
   exclusively on Life Coaching

b. An 8 hour workshop with
   6 hours on Life Coaching &
   2 hours on Image Building

c. An 8 hour workshop with
   4 hours on Life Coaching &
   4 hours on Stress Alleviation with music

d. An 8 hour workshop with
   4 hours on Life Caoching &
   4 hours on Image Building

e. An 8 hour workshop with
   4 hours on Life Coaching,
   2 hours on Fitness & Wellness,
   2 hours on Image Building

Two Day Group Life Coaching Module

In a 2 day module, all the above options are covered more in-depth, with more flexibility of time for Life, Image, Fitness, Eliminating Stress

One-on-One Group Module

In this module, a minimum period of 12 weeks is decided with some specific goal identified. Once-a-week coaching happens with the Coach over Skype, Telephone or in Person for an hour. The period decided can be stretched from 12 weeks to 52 weeks depending on the objective, the results seen during the 12 week period and so on.

Group On-going Module

For an organization or for a group of people with a common objective in some association, there can be 2 hr or 4hr sessions on a weekly basis for a minimum period of 4 weeks. This can be further stretched to longer durations, even to 52 weeks. The longer period can be decided right in the beginning or after the first 4 weeks of engagement.

Corporate Flexi Module

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