For Women

Women in contemporary, urban contexts play multiple roles in order to fulfill a multiplex of personal and professional goals. Often this is done at the risk of her personal well-being. Women experience different physiological changes which can be directly linked to evolving emotional needs and requirements. It has been observed that for women in the age group 35-50, there are several challenges (one or more are applicable in many cases) linking self image, self esteem, loss of identity, changes in attention span, rise in aggression levels, emotional vulnerability, self-doubt and self-effacement, and mood swings to hormonal changes.

Our programs can be designed to the specifications of our clients and respond to changing needs. They are designed to suit individual clients and vary in duration and content. Ultimately we aim to assist such clients through transitory phases which, if unaddressed, can profoundly impact their physical and emotional health. Among the specific targets are: a re-discovery of the self, confidence building, identity assertion, image enhancement, self-assurance, and the embodiment of a more robust life.