For Teachers

The teaching profession provides an invaluable service to society by shaping impressionable and curious minds. By making knowledge accessible to social groups, the teaching enterprise enables a process of empowerment. Vision, clarity and the access to resources are three key tools that ensure good education. In order for teachers to be more effective and for students to imbibe certain ideas, practices, ethics and values, the educational enterprise also needs to project a powerful Image. We help design specific, bespoke Life Coaching Workshops, to facilitate the effective use of these tools towards effective learning and engagement. 

The Modules for Teachers can be conducted within the premises of the School or off-site. We also offer the option of out-bound programs which encourage Team Bonding in unfamiliar, new and different environments.

The modules include Life’s Success Principles, Image Building Principles, Operating at Optimal Health & Fitness, Learning to Handle Stress and assisting in the identification of Core Competencies which can help determine the most appropriate strategies for guiding students according to their individual Strengths and Weaknesses.

For Students

Students play an important role in defining the potential of a society. We believe that students are often unable to tap into their full potential and they therefore do not perform to their maximum capacities. 

We consider our ability to raise individual confidence, efficiency, productivity, performance even by a mere 5%, as affecting a snowball effect which can significantly impact their future and the future of a given society. 

At Xcellence we believe that the most important responsibility parents and teachers have is to identify Core Competencies, have clarity of the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) analysis of every student, and mediate a child’s thinking process in tandem with her/his capabilities. This creates multiple opportunities for the child to reach her/his full potential.

As students commence their journey toward the outside world i.e. Grade 10 and above, they need to be equipped with Life’s Success Principles. This includes the ability to Project a Powerful Image, confident body language, assert oneself through the possession of adequate vocal communication skills, an upright posture, have an appropriate sense of dressing/clothing, etcetera.

We also believe that most children do not have Optimal Health & Fitness levels and require proper guidance on the subject of Health & Fitness. With proper guidance in the area of Health & Wellness, various improvements including a better attention span, concentration, memorizing, memory recall, lesser time needed to study and absorption of new concepts, lesser number of revisions for retention, better physical growth, height, strength, stamina, immunity and so on, can be observed in students.

The stresses of student life studies sets of lack of confidence, bad decisions, and suicidal tendencies. This particular form of Stress can be directly linked to career-related choices, parental expectations, peer pressure, competition, and the need to conform to certain standards.

We believe it is important to support their inner systems to enable them to self-sufficiency. We aim to equip them with skills and strategies to cope with peer pressure and performance anxiety so that they can sustain their intellectual veracity while interacting with and relating to their peers with decorum.