For Corporates

At Xcellence, we believe in the principle, “BUILD YOUR PEOPLE TO BUILD YOUR ORGANIZATION”.

Every institution expects its employees to be highly productive and perform well under a variety of conditions. They are expected to balance their personal well-being while being professionally efficient. In order to do so, often institutions have to improve employee engagement by creating effective interactive platforms such as management and peer evaluations, team-building retreats and even counselling/coaching sessions.This is done to boost employee morale, increase employee retention and minimize employee turnover. Implicit in this approach is the notion that happier and healthier employees are more productive and contribute to the creation of a positive work space.

With employees in many sectors spending 8-10 hours a day in formal work environments in a minimum 5 day week, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure their well-being. The stress culminating from an inability to always balance work pressures with the demands of family life and personal needs, exacerbates the individual’s health and directly impacts emotional well-being.

We believe that each and every person is a reservoir of untapped potential, capable of functioning at higher levels of efficiency and productivity than what they typically do in current work environments. Our Life Coaching Workshop aims to make people aware of their potential so that they may achieve greater success on the personal and professional fronts.

We can design Life Coaching Workshops based on the Learning Outcomes desired by Corporate entities.

These workshops are fluid and can be conducted in-house, at an outside location or even as an outbound training event. We also conduct employee engagement programs and have designed specific family-oriented modules which are aimed at increasing retention rates and loyalty among employees. The modules are flexible in terms of duration, location, content and are based primarily on the requirements of the organization.

Our Life Coaching Program is customized to meet the organization's short term and long term objectives. We are especially trained to work with senior level employees working in Human Resources and Learning & Development.

We understand that various exercises and activities are particularly effective in generating positive work environments. These are tailor-made for Team Building, Team Bonding, Conflict Resolution, Optimization of Resources, Increasing the Resourcefulness required in the execution of respective projects, Optimising Health & Fitness for maximum up-time, Projecting a powerful Image to facilitate individual and group progress. Our services take into cognizance contextual variations and the changing requirements of organizations when they work collaboratively with other organizations in partnership or joint ventures. We therefore cover aspects like Power Dressing, Body Language, Appropriate Vocal Communication, Etiquette, Posture, etc.