A current reality is that Stress affects most people. Compared to 30 or 40 years ago, stress-levels among both working and non-working people have increased tremendously. Stress begins at a young age when children encounter the demands of a rigid education system; this leads into stressful work conditions in the workplace, Stress in business, Stress in Relationships, Financial Stress. The list is endless. Unnoticed to most people, stress is a silent or invisible ‘killer’. Many untimely deaths can be directly attributed to stress.

However Xcellence Coaching guides people in Stress Management and ultimately Elimination. Our stress management strategies are inspired by the Stress Alleviation Program of Music designed by legendary musician & singer, Shankar Mahadevan and his Academy. In addition to this, Xcellence Coaching has also innovated various Stress Alleviation techniques which teach individuals to handle Stress efficiently in order to create a healthier and productive environment for the self.

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