Over the years, the standard of living of people has gone up. There is more prosperity around, lifestyle has become more extravagant, with more comforts, more luxuries, more disposable income etc. But with prosperity, there are also more health challenges, mainly Lifestyle related diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac Diseases, Cancer, Hormonal Imbalance, Thyroid, PCOD in girls, Psoriasis, Sinus, Asthama etc..and above all, OBESITY.

If medicine has progressed, then why have these Lifestyle Diseases progressed too. That is because most people are clueless of the concept of Fitness & Optimal Health.

Many children are performing way below their capability, need more hours to be put into studying due to low attention span, concentration, memorizing issues, memory recall being sluggish, their height, strength, stamina, immunity is low, there are increased cases of differently-abled kids(mentally retarded, various abnormal syndrome they are born with…and so on). Xcellence Coaching, through own personal knowledge, experience, training and through associaiting with top Health & Wellness Consultants, guide people on how to enjoy Optimal Health which is so essential to achieving happiness & success.